Boxing Reflex Ball Set, 4 Difficulty Level Training Balls On String, Punching Fight React Head Ball with Headband, Speed Hand Eye Reaction and Coordination Boxing Equipment For Kids And Adults

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Going to the gym everyday can get quite boring and mentally exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice to find an easy way to train anywhere you want, burning calories and shaping your muscles at home? Now, you can with the amazing boxing reflex ball, a challenging training set that is so safe and easy to use that even kids can use it!

Why is this product for you?

Because it can make you more active, agile and fast. The simple headband punching ball includes everything you need for a high-intensity training in the comfort of your own home. By paying attention to the ball and punching it hard, you can train your arm muscles and improve the hand-eye coordination, reaction time and resistance.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • The American Fist boxing headset is an easy and effortless way for an everyday training
  • It can help you develop reaction time, agility, punching speed, fight skill and hand-eye coordination
  • Adjustable headset can be used by both adults and kids
  • 4 difficulty levels: newbie, veteran, boxer, and beast mode
  • Lobster lock for easy and fast assembling
  • Anti-slip headband design
  • Fun to use and can help you burn calories

The ultimate American Fist punching ball pack includes:

  • Anti-Slip Adjustable Headband
  • Boxing Hand Wraps
  • Velvet Carry Bag
  • User Manual
  • 4 Difficulty Levels Training Balls
  • 4 x Lobster Locks

Improve your lifestyle now with the American Fist boxing reflex ball!

WHAT YOU NEED: Are you searching for a fun way to improve your reaction time, agility and your punch speed? The answer is here with the American Fist boxing reflex ball kit, a complete training set that will help you develop your arm muscles and hand-eye coordination.
4 DIFFICULTY LEVELS: The boxing speed reflex headset comes with 4 different balls corresponding to multiple difficulty levels: newbie, veteran, boxer, and beast mode. The set is portable, so you can practice your skills anywhere and anytime.
INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Why chose the American Fist punching ball training kit? Because it comes with a special headband with a premium anti-slip design that makes the set safe and easy to use. The headband can be adjusted, making this reflex punching ball set ideal for adults, kids, and even professionals.
SPECIAL BONUS: The amazing headband punching ball includes 4 lobster locks that make the entire set easy to assemble and switch between different balls. The accessories comes with a special gift: boxing/mma hand wraps that will protect you and offer a real boxer allure.
REAL BENEFITS: Using the head punching ball gear regularly will help you train your reaction time, agility, punching speed, fight skill, fitness and hand-eye coordination while providing an interesting workout that will sculpt your arm muscles.

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Updated: September 8, 2019 — 5:43 am