Dr Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat – PlayStation 2

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Action game, based on the movie starring Mike Myers. The house in which the Cat in the Hat resides has been consumed by magic. Common places like a plant pot, the refrigerator and the attic have been transformed into entire worlds based off on the realms created by Dr. Seuss and are infested with baddies creating mayhem. Cat is responsible for rebottling all of this dispersed magic before the kids’ parents come home and find their house amok. Players Jump, dodge and capture wacky Seussian creatures, including new ones created just for the game, in 20 wacky levels feature highly animated 3-D environments that capture the topsy-turvy movie world.You are the Cat in this mischevious adventure
13 wild levels to explore
nteract with characters from the film
Layered gameplay that is easy for kids to pick up and play and complex combinations of simple moves that entertain and challenge seasoned gamers.
Use the Cats umbrella to float across chasms, shield from attacks, and capture enemies and goo-booms and target them anywhere in 3D to hit other enemies, open doors, or break through walls.

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Updated: May 12, 2019 — 7:03 am