Exotic Gamer Gear Men’s The Legend of Zelda Triforce Gold Airbrushed Gamer Hoodie + Gamertag, XXL, Black

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It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this majestic hand-painted and airbrushed gamer hoodie inspired by the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Customize the sleeve of this enchanted garment by adding your own personal gamertag or nickname. Or if you’d prefer to be a more subtle Hero of Time, you can always go without the gamertag to stay mysterious and keep em guessing. Maybe just gift this miraculous gamer hoodie to someone else, then let them praise and worship you for it. Whatever you decide, trust in the Triforce of Wisdom to show you the way.

Adding Your Gamertag

Use the “Color:” menu above and select one of the options that says “+ Name”. Select your size and then proceed to checkout as normal. Click the yellow “Customize Now” button and you’ll be promted to input your gamertag text. Afterwards, simply bask in the glory of your competence and sleep well knowing that the Kingdon of Hyrule thanks you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will you do an amazing job on this hoodie for me? -Yes I will; that is my favorite thing about me.

2. Why does the Old Man disappear after giving you the sword? -Bingo night.

*Please note this product is in no way officially licensed merchandise and I have no affliliation whatsoever with any trademarked/copyrighted Nintendo Legend of Zelda, logos, movies, video games, comicbooks or any other related content and/or materials.ON SALE NOW! Plus get another $7 bucks off the sale price by figuring out the secret promo code!
Personalize this Legend of Zelda themed gamer hoodie with YOUR gamertag (see description for details)
NEW! Exotic Gamer Gear Sticker Pack #1 with Triforce sticker. Add it using the Color: thumbnails above.
Work directly with the artist, I respond to all questions within 24 hrs.
Commercial grade, permanent airbrush paints, specifically designed for fabric and heat-set to ensure longevity.

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Updated: July 6, 2019 — 2:43 am