Exotic Gamer Gear The Punisher Hoodie Limited Edition Multi-Color Airbrushed Tribute , Medium, Black

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In certain extreme situations, a regular Punisher hoodie is inadequate. In order to shame it’s inadequacy, it is necessary to acquire a Punisher hoodie with a much more unique and haunting, hand airbrushed Punisher emblem. To pursue…maximum coolness. This Punisher hoodie is not ordinary; desire IS a valid motive and an appropriate emotional response. If you intend to put yourself in harm’s way…this is the hoodie for you.

Adding Your Name

Use the “Color:” menu above and select one of the options that says “+ Name”. Select your size and then proceed to checkout as normal. Click the yellow “Customize Now” button and you’ll be prompted to input your name text. After that, rest easy. I’ll airbrush your name on the sleeve…and they will come to know you well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will you do an amazing job on this hoodie for me? -Yes I will; that is my favorite thing about me.

2. Is it true that if I want peace, I should prepare for war? -Yes…and also don’t have kids.

*Please note this product is in no way officially licensed merchandise and I have no affliliation whatsoever with any trademarked/copyrighted Punisher comics, action figures, emblems, decals, patches, hats, stickers or any other related content and/or materials.ON SALE NOW! Plus get another $7 bucks off the sale price by figuring out the secret promo code!
Personalize this Destiny XBOX One Hunter hoodie with YOUR gamertag (see description for details)
NEW! Exotic Gamer Gear Sticker Pack #1 with Hunter class sticker from Destiny PS4. Add it using the Color: thumbnails above.
Work directly with the artist, I respond to all questions within 24 hrs.
Commercial grade, permanent airbrush paints, specifically designed for fabric and heat-set to ensure longevity.

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Updated: March 20, 2019 — 1:33 pm